A hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle has two engines, one thermal (gas), another electric. Two techniques were used: the series or parallel. The first is an “all electric”, the engine is just used to recharge the batteries thus increasing the autonomy of the electric motor. Discover more information : monacostarevents.com The second, retained by the producers, keeps its heat: the electricity being used essentially in city or combined with the thermal one for an additional power. In both scenarios, the kinetic energy during braking is recovered to recharge the batteries. This technology can significantly reduce CO2 emissions in urban areas, because in this case, the car runs largely on electricity while maintaining the characteristics of a heat engine.

Discover hybrid technologies

There are only two engines on board standard hybrid vehicles: a main heat engine and a secondary electric motor. The wheels are driven by the gasoline engine in the vast majority of models. It is backed by an electric motor that allows you to maneuver the car in a 100% electric mode and help accelerate speed. There are several types of standard hybrid technologies that use transmission systems and disperse the effort between electricity and motors. Visit the website http://www.monacostarevents.com/monaco-grand-prix/. Some vehicles have been equipped with a front-end and a combustion engine if the most common combines an electric motor and an electric motor driving the same axis.

The electronic system

Its engine has the particularity of recovering energy during braking or deceleration. For this reason, he uses a second engine, operating in power. This electric motor can act as a dynamo to recharge another high voltage battery during braking. Throughout periods of acceleration, this electric motor then plays the opposite role and helps the engine, using the power of the battery. This operation is completely autonomous, which means that it is not essential to recharge the battery. Battery on a power outlet. For the driver everything is therefore identical to a conventional car since the electronic system also automatically manages the phases of assistance of the electric motor and regeneration.

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