Dashcam: What is it?

Dashcam: What is it?

Road safety is a controversial topic for many road users. Between the accidents, the various vandalism acts and the speeders who increase from day to day, it becomes more prudent to protect themselves properly. To do this, we have the dashcam. Dashcam: What is it? Visit the site for more info. Technology borrowed from American police cars, the dashcam is an onboard camera hung on the windshield to film all the vagaries of the road. What will it be used for? Thanks to the dashcam that works like a black box on airplanes, you can make a recording of your trip of the day. Thus, in the event of an incident, it will be easier for you to identify the real culprit with insurance companies and even in court. If your vehicle is equipped with a car camera, it will be difficult for a fugitive to deny his innocence since you own the images of the scene. The video will allow you to identify this fugitive by his license plate and the exact description of his vehicle. In other words, the dashcam is the perfect tool to settle a dispute. Dashcam: What is it? The potential of the dashcam is not limited there. Using a system that captures motion around the vehicle, the on-board camera activates automatically as soon as it detects a person approaching. This is very effective in deterring malicious individuals. The dashcam comes with a built-in GPS that will allow you to record your routes and review them for you.

The resolution of your Dashcam

The onboard camera is a car equipment that is currently very popular. As a result, it will be difficult to navigate as there are many offers on the market. To make the right choice, the secret of success is to bet on the resolution of your Dashcam. Dashcam is the leader in the mini car camera. Faced with a multitude of onboard camera offers on the market, prefer to select a model that has the best qualities in terms of resolution, shooting, sound and viewing. So, opt for a full HD on-board camera with a resolution of 1920 x 1980, with a minimum 12 megapixel sensor. For shooting speed, make sure the camera can at least capture 30 frames per second. The device must have a shock sensor, known as the G-Sensor or gyro sensor. The field of the camera must also have a motion detector. High-end products can record sounds with very clear audio quality. Your onboard camera comes with a GPS that will allow you to memorize several places. By cons, to be able to record in loop, you will need to buy a memory card type micro SD. This is not supplied with the device. Then choose a high-capacity memory card to avoid recording limitations. A 32GB card is the minimum required for a Full HD camera.

Fixing your Dashcam

For the fixation of your Dashcam, you will have on the market the choice between a system of attachment to the windows by suction cup and a sticker support. That said, the device with suction cup is more significant because it is adjustable in all directions and is detachable at will to install it in another vehicle. The sticker support is certainly endowed with an irreproachable quality of fixation but will not always allow to film in the best angles. However, an excessive viewing angle can affect the quality of the image. The best thing would be to choose a camera with a shooting angle between 120 and 180 °. The power of the on-board camera can be by integrated battery or with a cable connected to the cigarette lighter. If you want to use your car camera during your evening outings, some cameras have night vision. In addition, go to a camera equipped with a sensitive sensor rather than the LED, less discreet by reflecting in the windows. However, it is a good deterrent when you park your car in a public car park. So a dashcam: what is it? This is the new car essential equipment to optimize your level of security.

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