Lighting plays a vital role on a land vehicle. Good lighting makes it possible to discern the road during a night journey and to better indicate the position of the vehicle compared to other users. In other words, a good lighting system contributes to improving road safety, find out more: https://www.powerledlite.com/. On the other hand, lighting is also an integral part of the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. Many cars are recognizable by their mere look. This is the case of the German brand BMW. If the first den to identify a model of the brand is its double grille, the second is of course its headlights with two bulbs each. The brand has understood the importance of lighting on road safety by continuing to draw on technology to improve the quality of its lights. Many BMW models are now equipped with LED technology. But what does the famous LED offer compared to the classic halogen lamp? The LED illuminates better and consumes much less while offering a life equivalent to that of the vehicle. The use of this type of bulb has taken off since 2011 with the advent of the law requiring vehicles to be equipped with daytime running lights. If this is not required on older vehicle models, you can still install the BMW LED to be in compliance with the law and increase your level of comfort and safety.

Angel eyes BMW

The series-mounted Angel eyes BMW headlights are the way to recognize the beautiful German. If the original version is convincing enough, more precisely equipped with standard H8, it can be further improved with BMW LEDs. To do this, simply replace your original bulbs with LEDs, they are more efficient in terms of lighting and much less energy. You will easily find this type of bulb sold everywhere in the auto parts sales specialists. This is a great way to customize the look of your vehicle because the LED can display several colors. You only have to choose the color that suits you. The LED is easy to install on the original connectors of your BMW headlights by simply following the instructions provided with your new bulbs. Some BMW models are equipped with 55-watt yellowish bulbs, which can be replaced by 10-watt white LEDs. Significant energy savings in addition to a better lighting system. This type of lighting is available for sale as a pack for a set of 2 bulbs. Not being very expensive on the market, it would be a shame not to enjoy it. In addition, this type of bulb offers a remarkable life for its price.

LED bulb interior for BMW

Aside from exterior lighting, the interior of a car must also be illuminated for a variety of reasons. The interior lighting is then used to illuminate the cabin during the night and illuminate some indicators such as the dashboard. Most cars are equipped with halogen for their original interior lighting. As this type of lighting has become obsolete, specialist dealers are now offering LED bulbs for interior use on the market. The replacement does not require special knowledge in DIY or electricity as this type of bulb simply installs on the original connectors of the vehicle. Regardless of the make and model, the LED is ideal for the glove box, the ceiling light, the trunk and the doors. Thus, you will find on the market a wide range of LEDs in which you will find the level of brightness that you wish to have. An interior LED bulb for BMW can therefore have different sizes and power. That said, in terms of interior light bulb, it is better to choose bulbs not too powerful to have a good level of comfort. Generally, the larger the bulb is, the more powerful it will be because it will have more lumens. The key is to know exactly what type of LED you have to buy for your BMW interior depending on their location. Your choice can be guided by a professional who will not hesitate to give you advice to have a better level of use.

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