Car parks: tips and good plans

Car parks: tips and good plans

Places dedicated to vehicle parking, car parks are available in different types. Among the best known is the long-term car park CDG and parking medium or short term. These public parking spaces are generally paid and are equipped with monitoring and access control devices. They can be open or covered, too. Thanks to these car parks, car owners can park outside the public road. They protect their vehicle from theft or any damage such as bumps and scratches. Security is therefore one of the highlights of these car parks. They also help to avoid traffic jams in the streets of the city. Abusive parking often leads to traffic jams that never end and are penalized by law.

To avoid all these problems, resort to some small tricks is advised. For example, why not solicit an individual for long-term parking CDG? More and more people are opting for this solution because it is convenient and inexpensive at the same time. When they go on holiday, individuals rent their parking spaces at unbeatable prices. On the web, there are many sites that can connect with these people who offer parking spaces throughout France.

Otherwise, there are also professionals involved in particular on the web who offer to rent your car and in return, you get free parking. This offer makes it possible to make the car profitable when it is not in use and is of great help for people who have trouble finding a well-secured long-term CDG car park.

The different types of car parks

Finding a place in the various terminals of the airport served by a road is the bane of any driver. In France, these car parks come in different types. Premium parking is a must. At the end of a reservation, the parking remains available and only waiting for the driver who is near the elevator to his terminal. There are specialized car rental companies that even provide valet parking to ensure the best comfort for their customers. Others offer the services of a driver who takes care of the car upon arrival at the terminal. This is very convenient since you no longer need to drag your suitcase or find a parking. Upon return, the car is washed and a driver waiting for you to land.

In addition to the Premium models, there are also classic car parks near the terminals. The only downside: no personalized services. So you have to go round and round to find a place yourself.

Last and not least: long-term parking. To lower parking rates and especially to offer more places, airports offer parking facilities that are a little further from the terminals and are accessible through shuttles. This solution can significantly reduce costs even if the parking is far enough.

Web applications to find a parking

The Internet literally makes life even easier for us when looking for a parking space. There are now many applications that can find parking in the many cities of the country. To do this, simply download the app in question and take out your smartphone when finding a location. Among the most popular is Path to Park, which shows motorists the streets where they can certainly find free parking. Numerous calculations are made by the software taking into account travel habits, average parking time, peak days, etc.

Yespark is another tool that will appeal to motorists. With this app, book your site online with ease. It records up to 4000 parking spaces in Ile-de-France. It only takes a few clicks to make a reservation based on how long you need. The advantage is based on fares that are 60% cheaper than public car parks.

SwifOnePark, Polly S-Park, Parking Available, ParkingMap are just a few other tiny examples of parking applications.

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